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Theyre completely different in style; ones fast paced and ones more slow paced. season 5 was boring. P All The OG Skins­ Tilted is back ( i know this comment was posted before it btw ) Well theres still junk junction and lucky landing thats the only places that has never been touched Skill based gameplay was never in this game WCC Vibez Your right.

P old fortnite ­ Bruh 4 years ago this game was awsome now sweats and cranking nearly all ogs left the game cause of sweats fortnite to his grandchildren: those were the days kids,those were the days. dang This is the greatest song for the greatest time of my life ever!

I dont care if you shit on this game now but lets be honest we all went through a fortnite phase and we loved this song I was the guy dakotas killed­ just noticed it Fortnite songs for me to listen to fortnite songs First ones to watch this website in the new year.

ME BUT IM GONNA CRY FROM THE MEMORIES N o s t a g i a (I play from version 3.

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