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They said that the old map is not good for competetiv so we 100 NEVE getting the old map back Fortnite died when they added creative, and considering the amount of adults that play thats another reason why its not a kids game.

To be good at fortnite, if you had an rpg, all the good old memories from this amazing game. NerdOut 6. Either H20Delerious or CEEZ נננ Yeah its so O? Alis highest kill score is 20 and fortnite is 32 bruh Test Monkey because he concentrates more on the game thats why he is the best fortnite player fortnite is alot better than ali-a for sure WolfBirdWarrior alia is not a god. Is that THE Illuminati sign. People didnt build up to limit in a sec I can think of the time when i listened this music and play fortnite Miss the old map been playing since chapter 1 season 2 Lmao you watching this in August too נ Nah fuck fornite-_- glad i grew up with call of duty Me too with cod but i mean that fortnite was good but now its shit When black ops 4 came out lets just say fornite was done-_- You dont have money to buy a normal game I hate the new fortnight I mise season 1 og for life Hey I watched your gang beast content Yeah I miss those times when there were barely any sweats to ruin your fun Yeah i love that fortnite but now i dont love Ele Bee OMG ELE BEE didnt expect u here I love ur gang beast website Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss.

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