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Longer games can go on around 20 minutes, itd be so much more fun Games nowhere near dead. What you taking bout Ethan Martinez its not if it were it wouldnt have this many views also why did you watch it if dont like it Nerdoutmusic my name on fort nite is x_th havey_x 1st.

The steps to emote in fortnite are simple. 5 winrate He only wins when I dont play in his games :D Aryan Malhotra not always, Id even be proud Awesome Sauce you made it sound like an insult Jordan Vargas shotguns only do 70 damage if you hit someone in the arm. Atleast i wasnt the only one who thought this And it was so crinjy to listen to him. While the game is allowed to play, GTA und  Among us liebe Gre sarah Nope I didnt even know this was his most popular Actually it was my recomendatiion and idk how i came to ur comment No one asked for your hate and opinion bro Ahh sorry mate you my friend are not the most liked comment Og fortnite was just too good man.

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