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Bro youre literally talking about a website game Bro i got 10s of ppl i still play with, what do you mean, and you hear it from someone who spent 10 years on a console and only 2 on a computer.

There were sweats but it was still better Crankers: Xr Sweats: Xr Fun: â…r Lots of Streamers: â…r Old fortnite and OG map: â… Only bad players complain about sbmm Or just put a delay on building and editing  Brian only good players sit inside all day playing this dead ass game somebody kills the og player the og player immediately: People that played fortnite during those times barelly play the game nowadays anymore Dioses abadin same in my head im like :YEEEEEES,GET REKT BOIIII I know right.

Season 6 : one of the best season. please make sure to show this young G some love because he is a rap star. Alxander Spetz lmao ur losing an argument, I mainly play creative now Morphine Launcher it is fun but its just not nostalgic anymore CJ DJ how sweats are taking people down And not fucking sweating their ass off like hell I only play Fortnite if Lazarbeam has a new challenge I played it in season 3 And i find it fun the same, and fortnite was more fun so i stuck to it but now i play cs again Bro spies and fucking planes are what made the game bad.

Back when getting a scar was exciting Asmr artist:trying their hardest to do the best keyboard sounds fortnite:plays Fortnite gets a win and does the best asmr keyboard ever omega lol I wish I could have became a pro killing noobs all day.

This was when it was a decent game now it just sucks a How dare you say the soft a.

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