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I think that halocene won though Check out fabvl the guy that did chorus has his own channel and other raps my fav from him is super saiyan Cypher First delirious comment in awhile he doesnt get much praise but hit line was fire Me too bro, watching, late like 3 weeks before it ended, A PART OF THIS GREAT BIG FAMILY.

I didnt know I was making memories I miss the good gold days when i was just knowing fortnite and tfue If the boys could time travel we all know we would go back to this I miss this time. Broadcrazyhayden no. Im better than fortnite! Anyone who reads this comment god bless you all Well let me tell you about real music Creeper Aw Man Frankie-ROBLOX and more u got one letter wrong too ImHyper just like the game its dying Carter Bell you are not a cool dude if you play this childish game.

The sound when the wood is forming God dammit this is the real fortnite Im so happy this wasnt my childhood.

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