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Alxander Spetz lmao, be happy it happened. Its really been 3 years geez even seeing these streamers so much has changed you never know the good old days are the good old days until you leave them This still hits harder than my dad leaving me I started to tear up when I saw this I was remembering all the good times and I thought about of all my old friends and my first win and my first match man it feel like it was a lifetime ago I will always remember those good times I will always remember this song as legendary in my life I still come to this website once in a while to reminisce Was just listening to this with a homie that hasnt played in 2 years, and didnt make bot lobbies.

That is the only to play now tho I dont have fun anymore I bet some of the replies are some sweaty players pretending they arent sweaty and complaining They get so toxic when you elim them its so annoying and they dont stop inviting you till you join just for them to be toxic If you like the skins yeah i dont really like them The game is bad from season 5ננ Sad that content creators like Dakotaz, requesting that they leave mid-game can cause pressure, when we had to manually switch between wood and brick and stone, man, old Fortnite.

the noobs? They get stereotyped. now every website family is on the verge of divorce over it I dead ass wanna cry rn.

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