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I was a simple boy, we were in the same 1X1!, in art class. It was still kinda good till season 9 showed up then season 10 was shit and 11 and 12 Remember watching this like an hour after it came out i couldnt even play it These old fortnite sounds bring back so many season 3 memories I remember when there was no cap on rocket ammo Omg, I miss when I saw the whole lobby full with default skins and when they danced the default dance all the timeš Lool h20 voice is so weird when is clear with a good microfone.

Dhairya Ailani Guillermo olalde is a weird name or what Dont get me started people in chapter 2 you sweat so hard to win a build battle Brown sugar Myth said he doesnt want to be in it :( brown sugar They should also add cizzorz tbrnfangs(preston playz) and Ali A Squiddle feelsbadman you so lucky 37 likes 1 day me 0 5 months That is the person that runs the channel fortnite is the best raper you are cool man LnG Tyler I think CDN or the first girl CDN was cringe and the girl was awful.

It started dying around season 9 and died in season X or Chapter 2 season 1 Now i can agree with that but s9 was good but black hole aka ass hile was the end of fortnite it destoyed fortnite H20 DELIRIOUS SHOULD OF SUNG SOME MORE BUT HIM AND fortnite PART WAS A BEAST Fortnite now sucks the fun ended when season 4 ended. Watching it on junethe songs actually pretty good. YET.

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