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this is why I hate this chapter 2 much Omg ngl i trulee connekt wit dis comment It doesnt hit different fortnite is stinky poo Next all of the guns will be vaulted. Still a slapper all these years later Wish we could go back to this time 3 years ago today. The memories are flowing in This is by far the most viewed fortnite gameplay on website This brings back old memories I am watching all fortnite website and I remember how happy I was when he used to post back in season 2 and 3, Id stay in the lobby, hype, then maxes out their health in less than second with a single fish, i would like to see him playing pn ps4, dont want the enemies seein me when Im hiding.

Can we take take a moment to appreciate t_egg in the kill feed for absolutely owning the entire first half of the game I also think he had the best weapons: The sniper and rocket launcher for power The pump shotgun for just easy kills An explosive for extra strength and the burst for regular battles I swear its people like fortnite who make me realize how much further I need to progress when it comes to this game Man I miss this game when it was actually fun This is put as an achievement by website as the most viewed gaming website this year, not everyone is perfect.

Im afraid not my friend. Fortnite became big when the kids flocked to it and that was late - early. i like the guy who did the rap!.

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