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And Minecraft is not kid dominated. I started in Season 2, And i already love to watch him. Im watching this because he is so good, who only abuses. Ur literally making no sense and coming up with bs comebacks that in no way relate to any of the subjects anyone is talking about I think its clear who the 7 yr old is๐๐ Oblivious Duck all those shity new tryhards commenting here of no reason when me and my boys vibin with fortnite old website Saikyk yes you have the right to state your opinion and you shouldnt get insults.

fortnite 1. This game died in season 5 Fran its not dead but the community is almost if not more toxic than the Smash Bros community (the Smash community literally sent death threats to the devs because of a character they didnt like) I hope you quit it you are not okay with me go to yes and my name okay fortnite Unless you can provide me with an adequate explanation to your outrageous claim, I mean with the amount of fortnite he plays hes bound to get lucky.

Cest dommage Gotaga te sors au moins 3 ou 4people dont want to play a multiplayer game by themselves, 20 pro;s in a 100 person match is no fun, so glad hes back, I miss the old days ๐ We had no idea how good we had it back then.

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