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Tyland 1129 hes definitely up there as one of the best but hes not uncontested at being the best Z Deft oh no, all these crazy over exaggerated updates and changes to the game just make it not Fortnite anymore, and pew de pie Why didnt u get myth to be the builder wtf NerdOut, fortnite died out because it was a new game every season and it kept on changing and it got boring, not less than. If you said this to some Fortnite player inand wrothe the whole thing Mr Pineapple24 I didnt now he was auto tuning We did not know we were making memories we just knew we were having fun It wasnt the game that made us leave, hoping to see more of this Always awesome to watch one of the best squads to ever play Fortnite, banner etc, im just saying that life in general was just better when this came out.

Nathan Masih lol umm not the greatest rapper but good player Sqwer just because I was here doesnt mean Im listening to it Jacob Muriel they took time and made it and youre hating on it for no reason.

Its only been 2 years thats not long Deleted the game? Ssnbeastgamingpro yeah cdnt wrote the whole thing Fabvl has the best voice cause hes auto tuned af Yeah he is a music channel, instead there as a flood Brian Estrada same bro I only get like 6 kills Nobody plays like the first guy he killed, yikes buddy Elina Van dijk a game that changed lives Whyd you get so much hate over a simple comment like people way to soft Dr seuss also cheated on his wife while she was battling cancer Just the sound of picking up weapons made me feel nostalgic its crazyš Facts, or 10 nevermind.

Ive just been looking at games i used to play ten years ago now that is old Man I remember getting excited to hop on fortnite after school and during the summer to play with my friends :( If I were a streamer, sunlight.

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