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Once again good grammar Dalty G your subscribed to morgz you really are 8. Like someone needs to get access to the old fortnite season files somehow and make a game of the old seasons. U know fortnite will die in a year or 2 Yeah right, other animals and weird guns Only the truest ogs remember the cool kids in the back of the bus singing this song Its been 3 years but i still know all the lyrics I remember listeing to this 2 years ago man (Good times ngl, a sweat would build a 2 by 1 and lazer you Bro I listened to this so long ago and remembered it and I still know the lyrics YH I DO I RLLY WISH THE OLD FORTNITE WAS BACK Yep.

Ahhh the good ol days, Bring back double pump or a certain game mode, shows that the peak was in season 8 Whats going on fortnite channel is dying only 133K views no more 1, Tfue Dam this makes me sad, eating and playing, it was a new game of course.

I dont say I get matched with good people when I lose, i have an iphone 8 StarGaming Shqip yes i can play fortnite I Have That Profile Picture Too, this is actually sad compared to other website with more views from other years This website got me started with fortnite one year ago and here I am 1 year later(week 4 Season 7) bringing back old memories just by watching this website Marksman can get 20 kills you only got 19.

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