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I remember this so well, 5-9 u r t r a s h k h e d Nah stared to go bad in season 4. fortnite WENT HARD ON THIS BEAT!!!111111!!!. Ur literally just copying someone elses comment. Oh yeah now you miss it when people said remove tilted destroy tilted get rid of tilted 1969: were gonna send a man to mars : this You killed me There is no way people will be thinking about a fly to Mars in the 60s Thats like saying we are going to send a man to saturn in ItachiPlays Roblox Dude is to much how Do you Do this ItachiPlays Roblox You actually copied it from Genius Lyrics (smth like this) Aphirada Waldhauser dude, then fortnite will regain its fame again.

I remmeber watching this I was just addicted I guess I have no proof that when it came out I saw it but I swear I did lol LETS GO I GOT fortnite RAPPING AT THE NEW YEAR The god old days Already 3 years Ago.

People like to mess up beauty for no reason and thats why I keep coming back to these type of website They just went more into the comp. Nostalgia overload R.

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