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good times. I agree ever since season 4 I felt like they were changing the game too much and beginning to forgot what made the game popular in the first place the game I play now rocket league the devs Psysonics accurately listen to the community and they havent messed with the game too much only added more maps, three times in a row. Do u play ps4 if not still tell me your gamertag I can add u on apex It still is but ur mad that players improve their play Season 8 it started going downhill, but you get the jist.

Now its like everyone plays as if their family will die if they lose Que Buenos Tiempos,Recuerdo Que Queria ser Como El When fortnite gets hyped in the clock tower, you on the ground crying. I started in christmas season 2. It is crazy how the visuals changed between chapter 1 and 2 Man i miss watching This website cant we just go back Well he went from best halo to best h1z1 and then best pub and now best fortnite sorry if I missed any others in there Spencer FFA he wasnt The Best halo player, but ākillingā isnt the only aspect to this game.

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