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Jesus what has this game become now I was nine waching this i miss it so much I think hes playing against little kids which is why it seems like he so good.

Didnt have to make this comment myself Why well yeah I wasnt complaining, anyone would kill for 200 - 400k views for every website Fnite suckss I only came cuz 9f the old memes No it wasnt bro the games fall down was at chapter 2 season 2. You Are Probably Wondering Who The Best In The World Is Read the top two words Why tf did this Get on my for you in Its easy to know if they are real or not just look if they are verified Calvin Gaming theres a check under the name if its real Dakotaz all the way but fortnite gets 2nd and CDN gets 3rd oh wait get it CDNthe3rd M4D someones a little angry dont get mad it will be all over soon dont cry Nah probably 11 being realistic, theres not even single pump.

And if you publish something like this it will be hated by everybody cause they were all bots. Song is weak ngl but no hate I love these guys I dislike your opinion but i like how you like them Innit I hate this game now its changed.

I miss the old days when everyone wasnt like dEaD gAmE!!. fortnite I would play it if it got better again Piggwu exactly I get at most like 3 or 4 kills per game maybe get into top 10 or top 2 and then lose Flame Dabi I agree because I started season 4 Yeah honestly you should be banned from website.

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