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Do u play ps4 if not still tell me your gamertag I can add u on apex It still is but ur mad that players improve their play Season 8 it started going downhill, also i tested your anger to see how mature you are. Chapter 2, the best times It makes me sad to watch this the amount of nostalgia, I would do anything to go back man, most of them were noobs!

The pump was not just a sniper was a fucking rpg Now its like Ô15 HEADSHOT ARE U OUTTA UR MiiiiiiiiiiiNDÔ When season 3 came out the game got ruined it was so good before it Gabriel Brogdon the pump wasnt a sniper it was what it should be not some piece of shit it is now It was and it was so much better.

FACTS IM A SWEAT AND I AGREE ALL OF MY FRIENDS DONT UNDERSTAND THAT Exactly bruh people will get better whether you like it or not Yup, it becomes ruined. The core mechanics have always stayed the same. BasedHysteric you can try to win without being a sweaty little clown Your not lying they ditched highschool to be a pro fortnite streamer with 6 viewers average Its just cause every body is good at the game now Thats what happens when br games think they can be an esport I play 1 game when Im bored and then go back on tabs I play fortnite just for the fishing and to keep on having the Battle Pass since season 2 dont care if i win I had every battle pass maxed out but since chapter 2 season 2 I stopped buying them Bro my Fortnite account got scammed and I exposed the guy in a vid ­!.

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