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There will still be sweats everywhere. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) Everyone does man ! Now the games views and plays are down, best in the world in my eyes Travis M.

people just misuse it doesnt mean that was ever its purpose Iam So cool however play ground was made for building and practicing TTV EVAN was made for you to explore the fortnite island with your friends Iam So cool it wasnt epic said its to practice Dude People Were Sweating Since Playground Came Out Well us noob at least can practice im now a better player Footballstar757 hahaa bro real talk man that was considered the best back then jeez man I was good at that time getting 20 bombs but I remember them building so clean man I mustve sucked Well thank you my good friend I try to wear my black knight depending on the people and circumstance I always go down with 3 or 4 Yea everyone was almost as bad as me Footballstar757 hes still a lot better than normal players he gets like 16 kills a game 10 kills is literally my average and Im better than my entire school while fortnite gets way more than that Daniel Chen lets see your stats, Ill just go play mc now edit: So many likes, and just for the game to be fun again.

We all hated this map we all did but little did we know this was the best thing in the history of Fortnite The good old days no matter how horrible this game is we all will remember when this game was at the TOP OF ITS GAME This brings back memories , he said it was him, it was a futuristic spaceship fighter, you must be the master keyboard warrior Controller is way easier than keyboarding.

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