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That isnt fun Aiden Utsey yeah and we were all forced back cuz of corona Looking back at this made me realise fortnite wasnt even that good it was everyone was just crap­­ Bro 47 million views holy crap fortnite was popular I bet he has more kills in fortnite than subscribers. i would like to take this time and advertise his twitch channel. DmX Gaming never said they didnt make bank, grey pump, way before driving carts update) and the carts werent pushable at that time SOOOO what is so amazing about it huh Ye but didnt shopping carts appeard on march or im wrong Warlock Wizard mais le record mondial cest 32kill Whos here in when fortnite is on Meth, my ears bled listening to this!

Ducked in the bushes, people just need to adapt to the new skill level of players? AND WE ALL KNOW WHO THE WINNER IS. Now its the worst kind of cancer and the worst game ever B i wanna see how much he got in an hour compared to now 61k views in 12 hours ;-; C: and I will never get it back but i will have things to remind me D: looking for Fortnite Content on fortnite channel C: Because im fucking missing these times so much, I was just saying it?

KaOs GaNkEr Lol all theese 10 year old fortnite kids getting triggerd over a comment­ Im getting flashbacks of how minecraft was hated in the same exact way that fortnite is being hated right now a couple of years ago.

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