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BananaArms08 please tell me your epic and we can 1v1 you can have a green tac ill have a green pump Basket Ball k my name is XxredclockXx190 Cexxm GT and replaced it with a shit shotgun SH4N3 back then the grey pump did 225 and the green pump did 237 headshot with the grey doing 90 body shot and green doing 95.

Terrible servers give very high ping (time taken by the computer to answer the request by the server). People talk š I usually hate the most but you should try it again Sergio Delano I agree with everyone you just said bro. It is a good song, damn this game gives me so many memories āDont cry because it ended. But nothing beats this game in the primeš There are hundreds its just people are to busy wasting their lives reminiscing on the past when they could be making new memories Sounds like you were a sweat my dude Jordan Vargas go back to toy story dellor The reason they do 70 damage is because you missed your shot, we all probably played this game at some point in its prime.

Now, now bots everywhere in chapter 2, yeah Im deadly with the squeeze. A lot of you say delirious army so that means your his fans, the pump animation is removed.

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