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Not people who instantly 90 to the moon when someone shots at them. Spider fighte was a favorite, AWESOME!!!!, I seriously doubt anyone at any point can surpass PewDiePie now. Its either fortnite is the best player! or fortnite is an amazing player! or fortnite is the most amazing player! not fortnite is the amazing player! Thanks. Lol James Fitzpatrick Lmao Im dying I hadnt noticed that XD El SoTo I think he is actually number 5 Savage Hunter hes actually the third Lolitofdz hace a record of 34 kills win Coen Kostrab Thanks dude.

no thought so Awkward moment when u get more likes on a comment then u will ever get in any of your website u guys are too funny. I love the tune honestly cuz of the good ol days Henrik persom this joint fire wym Yung Preach he called him a stream sniper lolz I think this is h20 but i cant tell cuz the auto tune The Clutch 007 yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh True tho.

We will never forget these legendary memories.

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