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Yeah, tilted is halfway back. His advice on streaming was so in depth and top notch! Bringing it back wont make anything better. Ok I remember, but it really changed the community since everyone thinks they are pros and basically just kill the game, hes unique. Who else came to see when Fortnite was good for nostalgia I just went on fortnite tracker and most of the people fortnite killed dont even play anymore. Yup and I still Know the song and Im older now it sound better Yes ננננ I cant believe this only have 1 million likes even the abc song has more views TGIS needs billions of views to past them So true this music website still goated In this one Sounds like hes crazy.

נננ Cuddle Team leader Ive seen you comment on other website Never knew him till this but his part is fire נ Monty xii you should watch him too, not as fun as og times but its different.

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