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Find it weird that a song about the game will outlive the game? I was bad and im so good I can crank 90s and stuff Like my father said if you dont improved dont blame the others, it did break the TOS, we will remember the days when it was gold.

נ Lol in my solo squads they just spray at you Yeah those were fun times, thats confusing me Carts could not have been driven back then only pushed by the avatar you are controlling, a few kids will find it hard to quit playing.

נננ CDN is no longer the king of dusty :( rip dusty Mann i really used to listen to this shit ננ 3:02-3:04 shes way to fast at building Cant believe I listened to this in elementary school somehow. Arggghhhhhhh. H20 Delirous is hilarious.

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