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┬áWoodlandDragon58┬áNah, thing was so broken lol I can of course see where youre coming from but it was just so nostalgic back then. Get Tim back in on this. imagine playing serious I remember when I first hopped on fortnite it was so popular then, even when I win i dont feel that satisfaction like the old days Same dude But its so sad seeing how Fortnite is at the moment:( Its basically sweaty shit. Its Willis almost made me cry bro­­­­­­­­­­­­ Aron Tripathy Kinda is cause its season 23 Its Willis same bro almost made me cry bro its so hard to explain how much a og misses the old days Well thats just your opinion.

I can build roughly as fast as I can on PC You get matched up with with pc players Whereas in pubg its not the same Get a bluetooth controller and you ll be all right.

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