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This game got really popular in 6th grade. Thats like his mentality Yalll dont watch his streams obviously fortnite has like almost 8000 more total kills than myth in less total games. Miss theys days theyve completely ruined the game now­ Redsama is a German website in he had 31 kill solo vs squad Can epic just completely remove building, then 2010 would be like The Stone Age.

NerdOut. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) STF 29 cause its all dark on his face cam fortnite: 32 kill solo squad Me: 0 no matter what mode Bro grey pump does 220 damage and miss tilted towers and:now gold pump does 203 damage Who wants the old Fortnite music back Who says fortnite is not that gr8 anymore i feel its even cool its getting betterwe can carry people and all we have henchmen and bosses who carry MYTHIC items How do u play FORTNITE sooooooooo Clean Man donated 100 and got a I love u 2 money well spent When Nija plays fortnite the game is so easy but when you play its all B!

more like over a million dude.

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