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Neither were his lyrics He does have a nice voic e but h20 sounds so good with his voice changer I knew his laugh would be in it coz thats what his known for haha Fifa_lads I sang this for my school talent show when it came out and I won it and I still know the exact lyrics to this one and the second one I know all the lyrics without looking at them Fifa_lads LOL ME LITERALLY JUST RN SINGING IT REMEMBERING THE LYRICS I know every single lyric without looking Remember joining a party and hearing this Who else thinks ceez had the best verse I dont like fishy on me to be clear.

I just wish the smg and ar would get balanced True the game sucks season 3 through 6 was where the hype was XD I came back just to c if I could still rap it and I can ­­­ Itd get repetitive however I dont agree with the direction theyve gone with ÔFortnite, and it sucks because I really want to like the game again like I did back then but now I cant even play one match without getting bored Ppl that say that are equally as bad face it the game is trash you probably couldnt even experience the early stages of the game You literally said they improved the game by adding cool stuff now ur saying they adding dumb stuff lol and I started even before season 1 YGuy1 the game is horrible to play because of the community, alot of people say fortnite is dead or dieing.

Skipping to fortnite verse like how we skip to the rocks verse like: The thing about them describing all different players in fortnite Ch 3 is here and its been 3 chapters since i started Welp even tho I do not have the game when I was young I was in the fandom Its crazy how they got fortnite on this shit To think we are about to go to chapter 3.

fortnite WENT HARD ON THIS BEAT!!!111111!!!. Lookin back tho holyyyyy everyone sucked fn is ok but these were prime times Who is still whaching in season six like if Damn algorithm got me reminiscing on the good old days Wizard Wizard how are you a professional gamer, the field of play likewise gets more modest. Why cant Fortnite go back to the good old days He be like:5 kills in a solo squad match yeah thats nothing im going to eat something me in a 4 kill ordinary solo match: sweats af and almost has an infarct Crazy how easy those kids are compared to todays sweats­ i coulda became big too if i played then­ Nowadays: ÔCRACKED CRACKED CRACKED!!.

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