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Lol I go to salty in blue house, yeah Im deadly with the squeeze, will be back, times were fun and more simple Thinking back on all the sessions with the bois Bro you are awesome thank you for your comment and i wanna say that maybe in chapter 2 season 3 great works will come, for all of the ppl in the rap aswell and the world Its just a different game now lmao in all these clips you see no one doing try hard building it was just fun when all people knew how to build was a ramp and a wall but now i just get shit on jumping out of the fucking bus xD All the pros crying about everything and the developers trying so hard to satisfy them is a big part of what destroyed the game, i truly wish i didnt make fun of fortnite for the first two years.

Kalebxp123 Games no one gave him attention!good job Jhonny Lepri But we did so thank you xD LouisDoes Gaming and time with time. He was a pro Halo player on Xbox as others have mentioned!

Prime Fortnite was probably the best game ever made. Hahaha yeah because people are always chilled and want to have fun in online games Thats that skill based matchmaking my guy. Because of the vivid idea of the game, Im not even playing fortnite. A game isnt even a real job, and his decision about the game is so quick.

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