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This game has help many content creator, you have a superhero skin in your profile These were the days when fortnite was actually good Yea I used to play season 5-7 before i got banned but know i can play but there were good times back then Yeah now when I shoot at someone they make a skyscraper with a pool when before they just made a ramp and thats basically it HEY fortnite!!, thats why I joined the Tf2 community Na playground was far less sweaty and generally more fun Its just the way you said it sounds like you never got fortnite Ahhh.

Iām so frustrated that I deleted the game because I canāt play with it being like this and I canāt explain it well enough for someone else to understand. Season 6 : one of the best season. Omg man good old days LikeableHydra 282 COD WaW, esse jogo era perfeito, and watching fortnite play everyday like it was cable. I was sad when you quitted the game for a few seasons but literally Im just so happy that you came back again.

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