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Chapter 2, and the reason I reported the website its that Im tired of those v-buck scams, all the good old memories from this amazing game, it was actually worth it back at season 1 to 3 It used to actually be a hyped fun game to play but now its meh. Its surprising how streamers have grown in just one year 8:47 perfect timeing on the sniper shot Omg the nostalgia, but the sweaty and toxic players make it feel trash. fortnite got both higher win ratio and aloooot higher kd Daniel Hernandez-Arroyo lets just say there equal The best player for me is TSM dauquean and TSM mith I was today years old when I learned depressive is a word Both of you stop making me having a storke reading of your both comment Man talks about a stroke while having one I really used to skip school to play this game and they just ruined damn bring back the good times Its sad knowing I will never get this experience again I miss fortnite season 1 so much.

the legendary scar. Pickle Planet and I was one of those sweats in the back of the day I was a sweat in season 3 and 4 lmao I dont know all this editing shit though I was surprised when I started singing it Init watched in like seson 3 seson 12 and still no the lirycs Nano- The-Best yep it makes me sad.

nerdout 7.

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