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:( Good ol times when fortnite had brown hair You know what they say Good things dont last long. oh how time flies DELIRIOUS WAS HEREIve just gotten better like chill Back when the game was actually good, the gold pump has 110 body shot damage and 220 headshot damage, NerdoutMusic and H20 Delirious. ZFloichii Bedwars thats dope asf you speak English and German Sorry the comment was for Anidr3ams not you :) ZFloichii Bedwars redsama is better Anime4Life not to mention the accuracy of weapons like the burst rifle are nowhere near as good as pc Bursts take a lot more time to get used to in console definitely, thats why 3 were down every time he came across a duo, you would be given access to assemble 'llamas to allow you to change or unlock a new character on the game, this isnt new.

Dutch aronson he had a new mic for it Plus he was singing in tune. The good times I miss this feeling of the game and miss it so much I remember watching this stream live Craziest part is he had rockets through the whole game So nostalgic man, hes such an epic gamer My favorite one was blevins? I miss this so much.

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