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Vyte i play on ps4 and my friend play on pc Well hes the best pc player. I thought that too for like 2 months, back in the days man Good old days when we use to watch his stream and website on school chromebooks Damn this was back when fortnite was actually good and not just PG Family Friendly, the only reason they changed maps was because the old one didnt have the requirements for the live events theyre planning But the toxic 9 year olds and sweats will still be there.

Change my mind. Just came from the gmod vid Marly the dragon god I came for Delirious to That legendary laugh tho Same!. NerdOut. Like the other guy said, now im a junior in high school and havent touched the game since early After 2 years I still remember the words When I was 5 I always used to listen to this The good old days that we are never getting back The fact that they sped up the building part I remember all the lyrics after 3 years I still love playing this game but its a different game now.

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