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Youre an inspiration. i only love that sound when I am the one whos shooting Eli 101 they sound the same dont they Nah since Fortnite is not fun any more might as well watch website of when it was.

Fortnite isnt even a good game anymore people are SO competitive! Hes good on the sticks! I feel really sad for some reason now that he barely gets 100k views a website :( Game was more fun with the boys on weekends when we didnt know how to play or what to do Ever since Season 9 I began to lose interest. thought it was clickbait Fortnite always and will always be shit Cause I was watching a website of when it was good Explains why it has its most players ever playing it right now Sipher_RJT you clearly didnt play when the game was elite and it shows?

Edit: I said past, 1egg had a hard time juggling the demands of the game.

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