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­ Thats why itd be a great collab. consolePC You take this game wway too seriously wtf chill out Ksi could not beat fortnite fortniteAgod Bogadio bogadio no it sucks minecraft is 10 times better Alexis Wiig everyone is better than Ali a in this game Pickleisnic - nah I have at least 40wins and get 8 kills average Rhys1810 well I dont think anyone else would care Rhys1810 you have a console website on your channel you pleb­­ Years ago i havent played ps4 in like a year now Ikr but y bother saying it when every one nose it You cant compare console players to pc players.

Who else thinks they could absolutely destroy this lobby equipped with your current skill level Is anyone just here to see old fortnite and see all the old good times. 100agree with u­ You probably still have a better personality than him ManTV99 Studios watch him bro, its over 9000!!!. The games makers Epic as of late needed to give an assertion exhorting how clients can safeguard their records.

I miss the time when i hopped on to play some fortnite with my friends After school :( I remember dropping to the double Ls in tilted the good times Shouldnt feel nostalgic But it does- Makes me wanna start playing again but I already know itll get deleted after 2 games I remember sitting at lunch watching these website waiting to get home so I can chill and play squads with the bois.

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