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They even removed the pump Literally everyone sounds like theyve got a good mic but the fortnite sounds like hes in a room that echoes a lot Randomly Just thought about this website after 2 years I thought these clips were crazy back then fortnite was definitely the best ngl I love this song pls make a new one love you daddy Life was great when this was created lol I mean the game is better now that theres a no build mode but damn this hit hard when it came out lol even people who didnt play fortnite had to repect it tbh I didnt know H20 Delirious could rap Was watching a vanoss vid and had to slide back to this life was so good when this came and I still know the words Ginger fortnite Yt And he uses a lot of autotune Jesus I just came back for memories and found this comment lmao Same i used to think this was good but now its trash Actually its not trash.

It is additionally critical to examine with kids how in-game buys are intended to allure them in and burn through cash! Who miss the old fortnite atmosphereI miss the old days We had no idea how good we had it back then, used to be a great game Ive randomly stumbled upon this almost 4 years later and I completely forgot about it until now, what peaceful times Wenn wir alle damals gespielt htten mit unserem heuigen Skill wren wir die krassesten Back when you didnt have to be Tfue at building to get a dub - I just realized the old bolt action sniper isnt actually Bolt action,(if you are a battlefield player you will understand) This is when the games was on its highest Back when he was way ahead of everyone else when it came to skill, 41 duo.

I think you were the loudest one there Just sayin at 1. Ceez is the best, not just Fortnite but for a lot of things. At my old school they let us listen to music using our iPads sometimes and one kid really played this Wish we could go back to those times, to be the best player you have to be a well rounded player and fortnite is someone that could be put anywhere under any circumstance and he would shine, and now Im finding myself falling short of happiness, quando o jogo era bom e todo mundo era ruim 16:33 The old epic tactical shotgun The greatest Fortnite website ever made, He was the best Auto tune to the max tho so not really Royal Rumble King Fortnite Fortnite lets go I get it all night night for show Deadly Frost269 dude he was savage with that Bush tho like daaaam Deadly Frost269 Same, what an amazing year miss this alot good times Honestly these are pretty fun to go back and watch I miss all the old weapons and the map.

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