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100k more likes and this shit will hit 1 million likes I Miss you sezon 1 נ ננננ When fortunes was not just bots and skids All the old noises were so much better Can we just look at his bonds the are those He is eating chocolate lol נ נננננננננננננננננננ My friends is justin and she still cracked fortnite I wish Fortnite was just like this in נif it wasnt for these f 16 year old kids who made the game so f unplayable 04:27 Why did you use a Med Kit for 7 HP Also 9 year olds who think their so cracked at the game lmao At least people can actually play the game now lmao Cuz one pumps were a thing make then Okay so imagine this you have 8 minis and a 50 and your shield is a 93 you can use the 50 then carry minis so you dont waste any I cant understand how to play fortnite The lobby was trash in early seasons.

I dont even know what is going on with Fortnite right now or the world really but dont care because its all negative. quedaban viendo Si vamos a ser sinceros, Halocene and Fabvl sounded really good. P dusty R. But now that I started a comment I have to say that I do miss the times back in the day when the game was somewhat good The two things i miss the most are the OG mao and the OG lobbyOG lobby music You forgot lazy links that was my favorite place to land נ WCC Vibez, we just have to admit that the game isnt at its full potential as it use to be.

Other Places. Fabvl 6.

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