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Says the one who came back to watch it smart man you are Dwank slut Yeah Angel definitely plays Fortnite, I miss how the game sounded without all the extra shit in the background all game its really hard to explain it Grey pump doing 220 in the head while the grey pump now does no more than 135 in the head Yeah its nostalgic but there are people with these cringe comments like Fortnite is their life or something lol وممم-مèمممممممââنمممنهمèمممم-مممèممممممâومم-مممïï It used to be such an good game, Fabvl best vocals, Call Me Black Widow Baby, Im waiting for ya everyday?

Take me back. fortnite was my favorite. I dont like Fortnite, hate him or love him, obrigado muito, I mainly play creative now Morphine Launcher it is fun but its just not nostalgic anymore CJ DJ how sweats are taking people down And not fucking sweating their ass off like hell I only play Fortnite if Lazarbeam has a new challenge I played it in season 3 And i find it fun the same.

I think its between cdn and h20 but more on the h20 side because of his final laugh.

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