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He just sounds so badass. That game is so sweaty now its not even very fun anymore :(( It was so much fun but the start of season 8 ruined it to me and i havent played since Same I left season 8 now I joined back Practice your builds and aim. So you do not get to enjoy it long enough, however battle royales and games like overwatch it would be pc for sure I wouldnt say the best player because you still have dakotaz CDN and spacelyon Tyland 1129 what about myth his building skills can save his life The best player is lolito.

Much better (Especially H20s verse). JK Welcome to our recommendations 3 years later. Sometimes, you can utilize the parental controls to restrict how much time your kid can play the game, thats rare lul Yeah it tells you the names at bottom of screen Gavin Mimbs.

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