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Great job I was expecting a 20 kill game from the title but he really dropped 7 Youre the reason I took a liking to this insane game Glad to see you having fun again My question is why sell hoodies for headphones on the outside but still wear them on the inside remember watching Fortnite in the early seasons of fortnite :( Fortnite you are literally the best? man i loved this squad and i laughed when neymar and flakes left fortnite with that fist bump emote XD Amo ver a Fortnite regresar a Fortnite y creando una comunidad tan unida con los hispanohablantes.

IDontKnow uh of course this is aimed towards kids lol HighOffMota hey you are what you eat Such a cringe argument wtf is wrong with you guys Finally, WAILING WOODS.

Lol. Fortnite wont ever be the same. The days u started in like prob season 7 U probably are 8 if u dont know what that means lol HARPAL BANSAL lol yours probs 10 tbh watching talking Tom livin in India like wtf James Rainwater but this gronk starts calling me 8 years old just coz I said I used to sing to this song all the time and sorry if this gets you mad but stop overusing the n word I used to sing this all the time back in the day and my friends were all like eww now there the sweats that ruined the games Those were the days that was like 1 or 2 years ago XD Only I remember half of the players landed on tlited the days Of chaos Saying kids these days is extreme this happend 4 years ago I played this as well am a kid just about to enter high school Can I get one of your matches because I lay down below And I also like your website and I comment Down Below in a prisoner vacations and you make awesome website and lick your own first website that was so funny when like the water through your like the water came on your head that was the funniest and can you make a website about rapping night Yep now we got these nine year olds showing us what they learnt from bob the builder when ogs like us are tryna meme and have fun I swear to god Ive seen a comment by you somewhere else.

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