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Could have been a higher kill game if he was rotating instead of looting Lol 41 MILLION VIEWS. My point again, like this comment!!, regarding to its statistics obviously because most people who play it are 9 year olds or teenage no lifes. Also calling you kid isnt really an insult, its over 9000!!!. Waste of time sense the lyrics are on the screen Its not right gunshot is supposed to come after hear that Digital Legacy do you even know what that means Golden Freddy Plays nope its a tie between cdnthethird,h20 delerios,and nerdout Golden Freddy Plays but best is h20 delerios Its Between CDNthe3rd or H2O delirious Golden Freddy Plays Fabvl is not even part of the battle but ok Dude halocene was quite good, I meant after.

If it was yours to like the comment. Keep it up bro.

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