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Amir adam dude r u blind fortnite had 32 kills Imagine they give us neo tilted or smt like that that would hurt man Electric Gaming go do a 360 in a golf cart and go in a rift as drift Electric Gaming sorry season 666 its awesome Electric Gaming session five ayyyyyyyyyyye add me Electric Gaming yes I am Im level 79 Electric Gaming yep I heard about this and Im like he dies wth William Davies so why do u watch dis website Electric Gaming I joinnsense season 3 MelonRanger44 cause if you do i got you If epic is noticing this game is still dying in I guarantee that they will reset the game and not make it go to shit again, prime twitch streamers!

I wish fortnite was still creative When the update 6. But in pubg if you make stupid decision you die. Und bin hier um es zu vergleichen­ Hes not as good, remember when solo squads was possible. So nostalgic.

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