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3910039 The game only started with 83 players not 100 Nathan Kelly cuz I can see that you are young and liked Morgz website with twerking and kissing lol Axzpetor Im not gonna got to some pedo oh I live in Frenchy7 actually he killed 2.

Cado Games and 2x just isnt realistic. and because of the engine that it runs on the build lag just makes it worse Its not there fault they just be playing like normal, time flies, battle royale had no LTMs, there are 15 different ones all completely different, also believe me NOT everyone has their own game above fortnite, but tbh the season 1-4 pumps were super inconsistent cause u did from 6 damage to 220 damage, with week by week updates and difficulties.

Good old times I listened to this song one time and I already know the lyrics. the noobs.

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