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Fortnite hasnt changed any of its mechanics, but it was really fun seasons 1-4 then 5-7 was ok. ) HvdGaming its kinda fast I dont like it Josiah Mendoza press the three dots on the right the press playback speed then press how fast or slow u want it to go Omg play it a 2x speed its sooo good eye twitch Ahh, but then they decided to make the game blow up more!

Wild- spider238 I like ceeday but jeez bru Back when everyone wasnt noobmaster69 Kid rlly u had to expose me lol im just a kid Relax girl these comment gonna talk to you is a kid except Obi wan Mitro: 42 kills Teeqzy: 43 kills officially (45 kills unofficially) KamoLRF: 46 kills worldrekord HeadHunter YT wtf mrsavagem never got 51 kills solo vs squad idk where you got that from I would say seasons 1 to 5 maybe 6 were the good seasons and then the rest of the seasons 7 to 15 are trash.

Jaxon Smith ducked in the bushes never see me spying silencer pistol you on the ground crying Not really, really miss early Fortnite. Nick Hunter like they need to fix that Lucas Vinje obviously if we are talking who had the verse in terms of like a real rap verse it was ceez plus he wrote his lyrics himself KAPKAN RUSSIAN MAIN yah i was going to say them but that is most of them Pink Ribbon she does website to so ננ Rage_Salty Yt hi what are you doing this is me and you it I landed at dusty depot tho most but factorys was my second place to go .

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