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Once āFortnite diesā All the sweats will be gone and us OGs will come back What happened to the graphics manā. But keep it up DK keep grinding and making good as vids Dakotaz you are my favorite fortnite player outa all of the guys in this your not a screamer you also have good commentary BTW you and fortnite should figure out how to 1v1 bet youd beat him they took his double pump Seppo Nurmi LOL I thought the S in your little bubble thing was the monitize demonitize simbol hehe Dakotaz also you gotta win the rap battle I mean the 2Pac reference didnt know that was there but from what the comments say.

I doubt hes good at fortnite I bet if we started you off with a rocket launcher as a solo player in squads you wouldnt get double digit kills. i vote for him. I do like season 2 so far hopefully it stays good That nostalgia really be kicking in bro I miss the old days if yall wanna play my gamer tag is TaZe Moth on Xbox Just bought chapter 2 bp yesterday day It was honestly the best game that has ever been released but now its just sooo trash and fuckng sweaty Lil chrischii ik i play on pc and i cant Even breath without getting tryharded on šš Sypherpk should of been the trapper myth should of been the builder Bruh nerdouts ābarsā were the biggest stretch of this generational world Had to have deliriouss famous laugh in it lol Who else started crying when you see this (old moments) šš āHold up everybody be quite, going home and calling the boys on House Party or something just to play squads.

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