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The streamers. But this season fortnite literally made the worst decisions ever. Fortnite is a great game but its only fun if youre really good. After that this game turns aids and they add so much crap to the game 1-4 was good, but it really changed the community since everyone thinks they are pros and basically just kill the game. You play fucking brilliantly :) The default dance is truly a masterpiece?

Tbh, its over 9000!!!, just chilling and playing games Almost a tear to these beautiful memories Played this so when the new year started.

Its the best season in my opinion because of the game modes, it will be one emotional moment when fortnite completely stops playing this game This game used to be amazing, and it sucks because I really want to like the game again like I did back then but now I cant even play one match without getting bored Ppl that say that are equally as bad face it the game is trash you probably couldnt even experience the early stages of the game You literally said they improved the game by adding cool stuff now ur saying they adding dumb stuff lol and I started even before season 1 YGuy1 the game is horrible to play because of the community, Everyone, and there are huge differences between sweats and pros, dont start getting clever.

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