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Totallynot Analtaccount ummm well my highest kills in solo squad is 23 kills and most of them are shotgun kills so ya anyone can get how much kills with a rpg easy kills thats all i gotta say Christian Acosta probably not noobs he just makes them look bad thb Christian Acosta its old this game has changed so much God what are you doing watching fortnite how about u go save ppl that r being killed by terrorists Christian Acosta rpg is like any weapon and I bet u noob and 3 killes is da highest for u Or I am mistaken 1 is the best for u Christian Acosta and u think they are noobs because of the default skin that time was season 2 or 1, and the birds are chirping, you stole this comment lol Lets be honest you stole this comment for the 493483970 time :) Stop stealing comments and I didnt even search it it came up im my recommendation.

3910039 The game only started with 83 players not 100 Nathan Kelly cuz I can see that you are young and liked Morgz website with twerking and kissing lol Axzpetor Im not gonna got to some pedo oh I live in Frenchy7 actually he killed 2. So in a way it is a a little better! The main reason most people dont enjoy it anymore is because theyre so blinded by nostalgia they dont even realize theyre not even trying to have fun because they just think the game sucks.

But id rather go back The dark ages when items sitting on a floor floated when floor is broken Grey pump did 220 headshot now it does about 20 headshot (chapter 2) FORTNITE does not need to go forward.

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