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Game was so much fun back then. Much love man. I tell my brother. So I guess if you want to feel better about yourself play console cause they bad.

They even removed the pump Literally everyone sounds like theyve got a good mic but the fortnite sounds like hes in a room that echoes a lot Randomly Just thought about this website after 2 years I thought these clips were crazy back then๐ fortnite was definitely the best ngl I love this song pls make a new one love you daddy Life was great when this was created lol I mean the game is better now that theres a no build mode but damn this hit hard when it came out lol even people who didnt play fortnite had to repect it tbh I didnt know H20 Delirious could rap Was watching a vanoss vid and had to slide back to this life was so good when this came and I still know the words Ginger fortnite Yt And he uses a lot of autotune Jesus I just came back for memories and found this comment lmao Same i used to think this was good but now its trash Actually its not trash.

i dont really know you and you dont really know me too. If youre 10 youre automatically annoying.

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