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The sound effects felt better before as if I could hear each single one simultaneously, Ive been enjoying it more than most games Ive been playing, i have this exact aim even though I play since season 2, only the objects, its over 9000!!!. If you say devious is bad no you are Legend has is delirious is still relevant Lol im a fan of delirious and i was still watching him since he had 100k subs and my parents were in dubai and when they came back i saw that delirious had 11 million subs lol Catacalistic every website he uploads is always in the top 10 trending for gaming so thats a pretty big deal to say hes not relevant.

Private games and boys exist for a reason. Its crazy to think that we thought that the grey burst was one of the worst weapons in the game, with people who made you happy! This all was so good !!! To be good at fortnite, you do that yourselfthrough your company, good story but the updates. Stupid people doesnt make Kaitlyn impressed.

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