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fortnite is trash compared to Tfue Bro tfue is nowhere near fortnite ננ Tfue has trashed on fortnite multiple times. Alxander Spetz lmao same here though. Not only will the map resemble it but the code should be exactly the same so you could not tell between an OG website of the game and now.

Another one of my favourite you tubers strike again. Im still listening to this song bruh He aint wrong, really miss early Fortnite. In my time in the future I play fortnite7 on ps10 Wolfi This comment is so old, it would make it feel a lot like OG Fortnite 200 damage with the grey Pump.

It is crazy how the visuals changed between chapter 1 and 2 Man i miss watching This website cant we just go back Well he went from best halo to best h1z1 and then best pub and now best fortnite sorry if I missed any others in there Spencer FFA he wasnt The Best halo player, Minecraft Fortnite almost every game is fun when you are bad Id give up anything just too go back too these days Same havent heard for 2 years but still know all the lyrics Man i got sad listening to this how could they screw this game so much.

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