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25x its fire­­­­ Whos watching this in and wishing it was still the old map FABVI and fortnite and DAKOTAZ are my favorites Zack Gomez it had to have had its best part at one day. Like stop complaining about the sweats if you dont like getting murdered by the sweats then become a sweat yourself and stop complaining. 15 Matando con otras armas que no sea con lanzacohetes 85 Matando con lanzacohetes Time was so much simpler back in season 2-3 Wow life in general was just so much better back then Solo squads now would be literally impossible was the best days off forts I swear after season 7 it was a wrap Miss the good old days when everything was simpler.

25x playback speed. Good days ­ I missed this type of game where everyone sucked with you. fortnite was right about that part I was actually trash in chapter one be honest but whatever it was fun good times come to an end right also I had Bunches of friends I found Bunches of friends on that and they just forgot who I am to be honest its sad ­ Is still kinda fun but its no where near from back then.

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