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Gaming With Volt Hahaha exactly. AlexPlays455 of course nobody just doesnt update­­ and it sucks it always has except season 3 Btw my FORTNITE name is SheetWarrior602 if you want to do dous TigerHead FORTNITE I hate try hards in season 5 I just play as I wait for Save the World to come out for free!

G R. It felt like 5 years ago, and if you take it that way YOU are the one who is petty, 5. I think it might be time for a new one 3 Honestly Dakotaz!!!Snipin like a god 360 isnt just in cod­:) Petition for Rynx and H20 collab ­ Ceez is the best rapper but Dakotas was really smooth so I vote both of them ­­ Those were the times when fortnite was still fun.

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