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I thought i wouldnt like this game at first, season 1-3 were enjoyable. fortnite 2. Be honest melly part was hard Anyone else here September ­­ÔÔ´Ş­ Start at the first day of FortniteÔSeason 3 (OG) Season 4ÔSeason 10 (comment) Like- started playing with moisty mire Comment- started playing with paradise palms Season 1-3 like OG Season 4-9 comment Only ogs remember this website in season 2 and season 3 ­ Lude98rc I cringed when he started rapping ­ I still play its just not the same as it used to be Nope Im here too dude.

The only thing I miss are the sound effects, let it go let it goÔ Damn its crazy how back then a gray pump did more than a golden pump now Mano que merda v├i esse fortnite joga MT bem Im watching this in chapter 2 and it looks so weird when he doesnt drop the burst for the assualt, like maybe 3 times more. You can convert different short guns such as pump shotgun to the revolver and pump shotgun into the tactical shotgun.

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