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But theres a big difference between a good player and a sweat for example ceeday is a really good player but he doesnt sweat the game unless he has to Im gonna agree with you there because i used to love watching ceeday but he never uploads because he cant get content anymore from fortnite because of the sweats. 001 seconds I dont want any hate but sometimes Im that one person who build really fast, you get killed by a 7 years old. Hell no my list is way more accurate Tragiic Aspect Fabvl was only played twice cause they didnt have enough people sign up so they played Fabvls line for a 2nd time IMissAllMyShots shes from ­­, it was a Alexa which means we could just yell Ô ALEXA PLAY FORTNITE RAP BATTLEÔ from the bannister and it would pick up This song is as bad as ur dnf gvb gb Bro i see you in every comment wtf ­ I Hit Clipz cdn was the best out of alllll of them TrendEnd _ come on delirious was fucking sick ­ Love the guy but his part was kinda disapointing 4 me.

H20 delirious 5. 4arc Your The Funny Kid­­­­ I miss the map and the double pump so much Ye i also miss the old map that one was so much better Same and it reminds me when everyone was playing it but i run apex now tho?

I just wish the smg and ar would get balanced True the game sucks season 3 through 6 was where the hype was XD I came back just to c if I could still rap it and I can ­­­ Itd get repetitive however I dont agree with the direction theyve gone with ÔFortnite, the comment should say Ôwhen fortnite abused kids in H1Z1, it ruined the game Ol o agreed I still play but have to practice often to even stand a chance.

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